Make money online with the phone application

This way I only recommend for children who are in high school, have Android & iOS phones to have more money to recharge, breakfast, go out without having to ask parents. Because this form is short term.
As for college students or more, study other ways for the long-term future (ie other forms in this article).
If you are using an iOS or Android phone, you can find applications that help you get more income by completing small tasks like reading ads, doing surveys, watching videos or inviting users, …
The advantage of this form is: Anyone can do & do not need capital. However, the disadvantages are not durable & not much.
There will be applications that require you to take actions according to their wishes & they will pay you when that action is completed. Depending on the application, you can use that money to buy a card, exchange gifts or withdraw to bank & cash.
In this form, I only recommend for children under the age of 18. So I wrote down one article: Summary of applications (app) to make money on Android / IOS phones
Make money online with T-shirt Business (3 ways)
When it comes to T-shirts, you will think of T-shirts and maybe some people think that selling a couple of thousands of shirts will not be very profitable. And not many people buy, or cannot afford to create & operate a T-shirt sale process.
But you will have to think again if:
You don’t need to produce t-shirts
You do not need to ship to customers
You do not need customer support
Profit from 200 – 500k per shirt
Just one computer connected to the internet to work.
In fact, for many years, selling T-shirts is a form of MMO that has helped many of you have a terrible income in a short time, from a few hundred, a few thousand to a few tens of thousands of dollars per month (I emphasize a lot )
To start approaching this form, you need to carefully understand the operating model of platforms and understand what stages you must do.
Your guide to making money with Teespring will help you with this problem (Teespring is the most prestigious and professional T-shirt platform today):

In this article, I will condense the checklist in detail every step of making money with Teespring for people who can start more easily.

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