Make money with Trade

Make money with Trade Cryptocurrency (Trade Coin)

Talking about Crypto Currency, you may be thinking about investing in Bitcoin or altcoins. Or buy a machine to dig these.
However, there is another form that does not need much capital and has a lot of people involved, that is “Trade Coin”. This is buying and selling electronic money for a certain period of time to take profits, instead of long-term storage.
For example, last week’s BNB (Binance Coin) price is $ 10 and you will buy it, this week it is up to $ 15 you sell, so you will earn $ 5 on each BNB. Many people buy and sell in large quantities, such as 1000, 2000 BNB
At the time of writing this article, I have 2500 BNB.

However, it is the case where the coin price is up, but if the coin price is down if you sell it, you will be considered a loss. So when buying, NOT you “Close your eyes and buy any coins”. There are 3 popular methods:
Knowing technical analysis (Must learn)
Follow the news Buy that rumor sell the news
According to the signals of reputable and experienced people (Even have to spend money to buy signals)
But keep in mind that with the pre-electromagnetic market, there is no absolute formula. And everyone will have their own trade coin tricks, which are difficult to share widely.
Start with a small amount of money, no greed is the initial advice I give you if you want to enter the world of Crypto Currency.
If you feel interesting with this form, start by registering Binance account under the instructions: Instructions for registering Binance, buying & selling altcoins
Make money with Freelancer jobs (2 ways)
This is a way to help me get a huge amount of capital to do other forms of MMO. Specifically since 2014 (ie 4 years ago), I am a freelancer on in just a few months and have earned over 30,000,000 VND

Note is my achievement many years ago, now is no longer suitable to do this form. However, Vlance  is a much more appropriate and professional choice

So what is a freelancer that is so beneficial?
Freelancer is a form where you use your “Special Capacity” to help others who are “urgently” needing that capacity. See the case below.
Being a small online store owner, he needs a design for a marketing campaign and 7 days will take place. He doesn’t hire a designer because “sometimes he needs it, not often”, it is a bit expensive to hire staff.
Instead, Tien has found freelance sites like Vlance to hire talented freelancers to “design” and pay for them to get the right design. And so, sometimes he hired freelancers in many different areas: Web, designer, translation, …
Simply put, if you have “Design Capabilities” you can go to the freelance freelance sites to work with a lot of people in need, like Tien. I emphasize the huge need & increase.
That “capacity” can be writing, translation, graphics, web making, programming, accounting, legal, architecture, marketing, advertising, … And much more.
International demand is even more terrible, the picture below shows that I only took 1/4 of the list on Fiverr.

That is the first way, this way requires you to have a special ability, ie “professional skills”. However, not everyone has the skills available (As I was the first blank sheet of paper), there will be a second way.
The second way, if you don’t have the skills, you absolutely can resell other people’s “skills”. This is a bit secret and there are a few lengthy writing tips, if you want to study deeply read the article: How to hire freelancers & earn money with Fiverr

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