10 Gadgets to make your Home smarter.

Take your home to the future and manage the temperature or lights through the Wi-Fi network, or control cameras and locks with your smartphone even if you are traveling.

Can you imagine that just by ordering it to your mobile phone you have a fresh coffee in the kitchen waiting for you when you wake up in the morning? Well that is already a reality thanks to the infinity of connected devices that await you in the market to take your home to the future and make your life more comfortable.

Below, I present a selection of items at your fingertips that promise to make your life easier and safer. Simply have a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone from which you can configure all kinds of parameters in your home, even if you are not at home. Today you can get with devices that will turn your home into a more intelligent environment. If you do not believe it, check out these ten gadgets that can already be yours. 

Smart locks
One of the aspects in which domotic technology has most evolved is in the security of your home. Not only because of the existence of intelligent alarms capable of minimizing or neutralizing threats, detectors that can identify people and others. Also when it comes to controlling the locks of your house. And one of the companies that are developing this type of automation with more success. With this smart reader, you can forget the keys in the office or in the dresser in your room. Simply have a phone connected to the system to open the door.

This system allows you to toggle between the keys, ID cards or bracelets or a Smartphone to access your home. You can allow or deny access to a certain person or set a time to unlock the lock. You can even open the door to whoever you want from the phone even if you are not at home. And you will receive information instantly when someone has requested access. This way you will know at all times who enters and who leaves.

Lighting control

Can you imagine being able to control all the lights of your home from the same place? Well, it’s possible thanks to Philips Hue technology. It is a compatible system with Apple Homekit and Google Home where you can manage up to 50 light bulbs from the same mobile phone. You can configure your installation so that the lights are lit by presence sensors, switches, a Smartphone or even your voice, through various accessories. However, here I present the initial package, which consists of two low consumption smart led bulbs and the connection bridge.

From the mobile application you can manage the lights and their intensity, configure on and off schedules, or request the lighting of the entrance for the moment you return home. Even if you are traveling, you can program the lights to make it look like there are people at home, an effective method to avoid thefts in your absence.
The smart thermostat that saves energy
What a pleasure to find the house at the right temperature when you return from work. The Nest Smart Thermostat does this work for you, as it is easily configured to adapt to your lifestyle habits and learn from your routines. By connecting to your Smartphone and receiving information from your sensors, it prevents your house from getting hot or cool when you’re not in it. And you can easily program it remotely to create the right environment when you really need it.

The Nest thermostat is compatible with virtually all existing heating and cooling systems. And it promises to save between 10% and 15% the energy consumption of the air conditioning in your home.

Smart valves for radiators
We continue in the section on air conditioning with this invention of the firm like (Netatmo) and others. It is an intelligent valve to install in each radiator of your house. Being connected to your Smartphone , you can control in real time the temperature you want instantly in each room. Simply replace the traditional radiator valve with this electronic device and connect to your control center to have all the information in the palm of your hand.

(Netatmo’s) and other firms provide you intelligent valves offer you the possibility to regulate the temperature of each radiator manually or through your mobile application, even if you are away from home, which will allow you to control the temperature so that your domestic environment is acclimatized when you arrive. This system also offers you great advantages when it comes to saving on your next electricity bill, since you can adjust the temperature of your bedroom from the sofa when you are about to go to sleep, or reheat your home before getting up. from the bed.
The most advanced cleaning robot
The Chinese technological giant (Xiaomi) is not only satisfied with manufacturing mobile phones and other items for leisure. He is also committed to making life at home easier. This is how the idea of ​​making the final cleaning robot came about. It is not a simple vacuum cleaner, it is a device capable of collecting dirt and scrubbing the floor at the same time. And he does it in the most intelligent way possible.

You can configure it completely from the mobile phone, set its schedules and define the zones to which you want the robot to access to clean them. The (Xiaomi) Mi Robot has 13 laser sensors that will avoid any collision, and will help you plot the best possible routes to perform your task in the most effective way. In fact, you can check in the mobile application the routes that this device makes to verify that it is not left even a square centimeter without cleaning.
A sensor to avoid floods
Whether you have a leak in the bathroom or your washer loses water, the next device can prevent a possible flood of the house with catastrophic results. It is a small sensor of the (Grohe) brand that detects small water deposits or substantial variations in humidity and temperature parameters, and alerts you instantly by means of a notification on your mobile phone or an email.

You just have to place the sensor on the surface you want to control and connect it to your Smartphone so that it starts collecting information. And it is much more effective than the neighbor who calls you when it detects the humidity in your ceilings or walls, since the device will warn you at the minimum suspicion that something can go wrong so you can tackle the problem as soon as possible.
The best connected camera for your home
Whatever the thing, or person, that you want to monitor in your home, I’m sure this little Nest camera can do it for you like a charm. It is a surveillance device of just 7 centimeters in diameter capable of capturing any incident in your home with your fisheye vision and notifying you on your Smartphone , smart watch or by email, wherever you are.

It has motion sensor and integrated microphone, so it will warn you with any anomaly or noise detected. You can also remotely access the camera to see what happens in real time in your home or go back up to 3 hours in the event history. It offers a high quality night vision system and will also allow you to communicate from your mobile phone through the built-in speaker.

Fresh coffee from your Smartphone

Have your sheets been stuck and you’re against the clock? Do not worry about breakfast, the most advanced (Nespresso) coffee machine can receive orders directly from your mobile to prepare your coffee while you get up. This is (DeLonghi’s) Prodigy model, a coffee machine compatible with the (Nespresso) capsule system that connects to your home network so you can manage it remotely through a mobile application.

However, the coffee maker is fast enough not to waste your time when you fancy a fresh coffee, as it heats up in just 25 seconds. In addition, it has three buttons to prepare (ristretto, espresso or lungo) coffee, according to your preferences. And it offers a pressure of 19 bars. In addition, the water tank is rotatable to make it easier to find a suitable location for your coffee maker.

Improve the health of your plants

If you are one of those people who are resisted by the vegetable world, you are in luck, with this gadget you will not die any plants again. It is an intelligent monitor from (Xiaomi). And what it does is analyze all the parameters around the health of your plants to offer you recommendations on the appropriate location, the state of the land or when you should water it.

The device has a brightness sensor, which will indicate, through an application on your mobile, if the plant receives adequate light or if it needs more or less sunlight. In addition, it has a temperature monitor, another that analyzes the nutrients of the earth and another that tells you when is the right time for irrigation. In short, it is the latest in technology at the service of plants.

Go and make your home smarter just like you

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