NetHunter Rootless Edition

NetHunter Rootless Edition

Most extreme adaptability with no responsibility

Introduce Kali NetHunter on any stock, unrooted Android gadget without voiding the guarantee. 


Android Device

(Stock unmodified gadget, no root or custom recuperation required)


Introduce the NetHunter-Store application from

From the NetHunter Store, introduce Termux, NetHunter-KeX customer, and Hacker’s console


The catch “introduce” may not change to “introduced” in the store customer after establishment – simply overlook it.

Beginning termux just because may appear to be stuck while showing “introducing” on certain gadgets – simply hit enter.

Open Termux and type:

  • termux-arrangement stockpiling
  • pkg introduce wget
  • wget – O introduce nethunter-termux
  • chmod +x introduce nethunter-termux
  • ./introduce nethunter-termux 


  • Open Termux and type one of the accompanying:
  • Command    To
  • nethunter    start Kali NetHunter direction line interface
  • nethunter kex passwd    configure the KeX secret key (just required before first use)
  • nethunter kex &    start Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience client meetings
  • nethunter kex stop    stop Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience
  • nethunter <command>    run in NetHunter condition
  • nethunter – r kex passwd    configure the KeX secret key for root
  • nethunter – r kex stop    stop Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience root meetings
  • nethunter – r kex kill    Kill all KeX meetings
  • nethunter – r <command>    run <command> in NetHunter condition as root

Note: The direction nethunter can be condensed to nh.

Tip: If you run kex out of sight (and) without having set a secret word, take it back to the frontal area first when provoked to enter the secret key, for example by means of fg <job id> – you can later send it to the foundation again by means of Ctrl + z and bg <job id>

To utilize KeX, start the KeX customer, enter your secret word and snap associate

Tip: For a superior survey understanding, enter a custom goals under “Cutting edge Settings” in the KeX Client 

NetHunter Editions:

If you don’t mind allude to this table for an examination of the distinctive NetHunter versions.


Run adept update && able full-redesign first thing after establishment. On the off chance that you have a lot of extra room accessible you should run adept introduce kali-linux-full too.

Firefox won’t deal with unrooted gadgets. Simply supplant it with Chromium through:

able expel firefox-esr

able introduce chromium


  • ~ Find the “Chromium Web Browser” thing in the application menu
  • ~ right snap and select “Alter Application”
  • ~ Change the “Order” to/usr/canister/chromium – no-sandbox %U

The entirety of the infiltration testing apparatuses should work however some may have limitations, for example metasploit works however doesn’t have database support. In the event that you find any apparatuses that don’t work, if it’s not too much trouble post it in our discussions.

A few utilities like “top” won’t run on unrooted telephones.

Non-root clients despite everything have root access in the chroot. That is a proot thing. Simply know about that.

Universe telephone’s may forestall non-root clients from utilizing sudo. Simply use “su – c.”

Perform normal reinforcements of your rootfs by halting all nethunter meetings and composing the accompanying in a termux meeting:

tar – cJf kali-arm64.tar.xz kali-arm64 && mv kali-arm64.tar.xz capacity/downloads

That will place the reinforcement in your Android download organizer.

Note: on more seasoned gadgets, change “arm64” to “armhf”

If you don’t mind go along with us in our gatherings to trade tips and thoughts and be a piece of a network that endeavors to make NetHunter stunningly better.


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