Official Camtasia Studio 2020 for Windows and Mac

Camtasia is an item suite, made and conveyed by TechSmith, for making video instructional activities and presentations honestly through screencast, or by methods for a prompt account module to Microsoft PowerPoint.

The Best All-In-One 

Screen Recorder and Video Editor 

Camtasia 2019 makes it simple to record and make capable looking chronicles on Windows and Mac.

Start Fast 

Camtasia races to learn. You needn’t waste time with a significant spending plan or excessive video adjusting aptitudes. Essentially record your screen and incorporate several effects.

Feel Confident 

Whether or not you have comprehension or this is your first time making a video, we’ll give all of you that you need to make a choice video.

Attract Viewers 

Make content your watchers truly watch. A video will give you more affiliation and help your group to learn more than with content alone.

  • The best screen recording programming for… 
  • Video instructional activities 
  • The best technique to chronicles 
  • Demo accounts 
  • Meeting accounts 
  • YouTube accounts 
  • Getting ready chronicles 
  • Video works out 
  • Online course accounts 
  • Instructional accounts 
  • Explainer accounts 
  • Presentation accounts 

what’s more, that is only the start! 

1. Record your screen 

Record anything on your PC screen–locales, programming, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations.

2. Incorporate a few effects 

Natural substance, advances, effects, and more in the inalienable video director.

3. Offer your knowledge 

In a brief instant exchange your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course.

Direct, yet overflowing with features

Record screen and webcam 

Catch new video and sound from your work zone.

wand image

Incorporate effects 

Camtasia gives you pre-made developments that are anything but difficult to change. Effects add verifiable ability and clean to your accounts with improved convenience.

music image

Music and sound 

Investigate our library of greatness free music and sound prompts. Additionally, Camtasia permits you to record and change your sound fastens to get the perfect sound for your video.

callout image

Titles, clarifications, and callouts 

Get attention in your accounts with eye-getting titles, clarifications, impacts and anything is possible from that point.

development image

Zoom, skillet, and empower 

  • Remember zoom for, zoom out, and skillet developments to your screen accounts.
  • test image
  • Make tests
  • Add tests and instinct to help and measure learning in your accounts.
  • move image
  • Changes
  • record presentation image

Record and import presentations 

Change your presentation into a video. Record or import PowerPoint slides direct into Camtasia.

Everyone can make an unbelievable looking video

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