Voice Changer Mic for Gaming – PS4 XBox PC

Use Android as continuous voice changing mouthpiece for Gaming – for use with OTHER gadgets: PC, PS4, XBox, outer speaker, or another telephone. You CANNOT use with applications running on the SAME gadget (Discord, Skype or game applications).




Use Android as constant voice changing receiver for Gaming – for use with OTHER gadgets: PC, PS4, XBox, outside speaker, or another telephone.

You CANNOT use with applications running on the SAME gadget (Discord, Skype or game applications). Reason: Android doesn’t permit two applications to utilize mic at same time – and doesn’t permit one application to send sound to another application.

Excellent 14 voice changer can run out of sight, and with screen off:

– Use as minimal effort low-inertness Noise Gate channel (expel low volume breathing sounds from live Podcasting/Broadcast with/without voice evolving). A few voices profit by Noise Gate also (Venomous, Exterminator).

  • – Use with gaming headset with separable mic, unplug mic and plug AUX to Android gadget
  • – PC gaming: Plug AUX from Android to PC line-in port
  • – PS4 gaming controller: use Android as USB mic (just up to Oreo 8.1), or use Y-splitter/AUX link
  • – XBox gaming controller: need Y-splitter/AUX link
  • – Cosplay: outer speaker, or lapel mic/ext speaker (need Y-splitter)
  • – Mobile Gaming, Discord, Skype: yield to another telephone that runs game and so forth (need Y-splitter)
  • – Phone Calls: yield to another savvy/moronic telephone (need Y-splitter)

NOTE: Y-splitter is expected to change over TRS stereo yield on AUX from Android headset port to mono contribution on headset port on PS4/XBox controllers or another telephone. For PC line-in port, can simply associate AUX link legitimately from Android.

Snap Help – Gaming/Cosplay for point by point directions/graphs/recommendations for Y-splitters, mics and speakers for Cosplay.


Plug in headphones and snap Record (red buttton). Makes record AND yields on headphones.

Snap Live catch (mic symbol) to just yield to headphones (NOT spare to record).

Settings – Output Settings – Listen to Recording (Headset) setting is On of course. In the event that headset/headphones are connected, it mirrors sound to that (ensure you plug in BEFORE you click Record/Live).

Power yield: Sometimes Y-splitter/AUX link are not perceived as “headset” – so click Settings – Output Settings – Listen to Recording (Always) and turn it On (it is off naturally). Presently sound will be played regardless of whether no headset is connected (there will be sound criticism/shrieking sound!).

Voice Changer

Quickly change voices, by tapping on a voice, or snap No Effects for no impacts:

  1. – No Effects
  2. – Dark Father (not associated with Darth Vader)
  3. – Rylo Ken (not associated with Kylo Ren)
  4. – Dane (not associated with Bane)
  5. – Exterminator (not associated with Daleks)
  6. – Space Trooper (not associated with Stormtroopers)
  7. – Captain Phase (not associated with Captain Phasma)
  8. – Badman (not associated with Batman)
  9. – Optimal Prime (not associated with Optimus Prime)
  10. – Uldron (not associated with Ultron)
  11. – P3CO (not associated with C3PO)
  12. – Collum (not associated with Gollum/Smeagol)
  13. – Smug (not associated with Smaug)
  14. – Brog (not associated with the Borg)
  15. – Venomous (not associated with Venom) 


We repudiate all connection with these character voices. They are the property of their individual proprietors. Utilizing Dark Father, with some voice acting exertion, you can impersonate a voice that seems like Darth Vader.

Each voice is exclusively adaptable: You can make completely new voices by basically changing the Pitch and Modulator settings for each voice! For instance, you can utilize the Venomous voice to make a Lion’s thunder type voice.

Snap Reset to reset settings for that voice, or snap Settings – Reset Settings to reset everything back to default settings.

Press Speak catch to tune in to tests that were made with the application. No copyrighted sound examples have been utilized.

DISCLAIMER: no copyrighted sound is utilized by the application. 

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