Two Way 3.5mm Dual Headphone Jack Splitter



Item portrayal

Forestone speaker and earphone sound splitter permits you interface two 3.5Mm 1/8 inch smaller than expected sound system link to a similar jack on your any gadgets with a standard 3.5Mm headphone, for example, iPhone iPad iPod tablets Android cell phone Samsung,MP3 player laptops.It’s versatile size empowers you to convey it anyplace under your totes or pocket,then appreciate the musics,movies,videos,games with your children and companions whenever and anywhere.Stereo splitter Y link associates a MP3 player, cell phone, tablet, PC or other sound gadget with a 3.5Mm assistant port (AUX) to two earphones or compact speakers for sound sharing

Details of Splitter:

  • Information: 3.5Mm Stereo Jack Male
  • Yield: 2x 3.5Mm Stereo Jack Female
  • 100% exposed copper conduit, no copper clad steel (CCS)
  • Link length: 20CM/8inch 

Highlights of Splitter:

Wide Application: Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, tablets, Samsung Galaxy cell phones and tablets, Google Nexus cell phones and tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, Nokia Lumia cell phones, SanDisk Sansa MP3

Establishment: Plug and play: Ready to utilize, when each end is associated with its particular port on a good gadget

Extraordinary for sharing music, motion pictures, video or gaming with your family or companions through earphones from a similar source.

Sublime sound: Experience marvelous sound and brilliant sound exchange execution, because of the solid material of this sound splitter.


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