Call Log Editor and Backup

Call log administrator (Edit, Add, Backup, Restore).
The best and the most straightforward approach to include and alter your call log.
You can alter the time, date, length, call type, and telephone number for any call you have made.
Additionally, you can add any call to the log with a particular time, date, during and type.
At the end of the day, you can redo you log as you like.
Another element; that you Can reinforcement your call history (log) and reestablish it.


  • 0. This application will show up as “Telephone” on your cell phone to ensure your security.
  • 1. This application doesn’t store any client information.
  • 2. This application works disconnected and doesn’t require a web association.
  • 3. It’s a sans ads application (appreciate without advertisements).
  • 4. No enlistment is required.
  • 6. Straightforward, solid and simple to utilize


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