GTA 5 Ducky Bhai Mod


A gui mentor mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

This mod requires the most recent GTA V fix and the most recent rendition of Alexander Blade’s ScripthookV module.

Press F8 while in-game to open.

In the event that you select the controller as your information choice by means of the settings, you may utilize the controller (Binds being RB+Left) to utilize the menu. Something else, utilize the bolt keys or the num keys.


  • Delete – Back
  • Enter – Select
  • UpArrow – Up
  • DownArrow – Down
  • LeftArrow – Left
  • RightArrow – Right
  • Controller input:
  • B/Circle – Back
  • A/X – Select
  • DPAD Up – Up
  • DPAD Down – Down
  • DPAD Left – Left
  • DPAD Right – Right
  • Article Spooner instructional exercise by @abstractmode:
  • Article Spooner instructional exercise.
  • Source:
  • GitHub.



– Bugfix – SpoonerMode, GravityGun, TeleportGun, and so forth were distinguishing all surfaces as alterable substances.

– Bugfix – Weapon capacities quit working because of a code improvement issue.

– Bugfix – Infinite ammunition was constantly empowered.


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