Hide Blue ticks, last seen & read deleted messages

Have your mates eradicated Whatsapp messages they sent before you can scrutinize?

This application saves “Eradicated messages” by the sender on WhatsApp.

Need to examine messages without the other individual contemplating it? By then this application is for you.

‘Blue tick, read hider’ makes it direct, secure and brisk.

Planned for talk applications like WhatsApp, wire, facebook delegate, this application shows you the messages jumped on any of these applications. You can scrutinize the messages from this application instead of taking off to that visit application. Fundamental!

It covers blue checks or read receipts or read status for various visit applications.

Striking features of this application:

  • – > Supported applications Whatsapp (cover Blue twofold check and no last watched), Telegram (disguise blue tick), Facebook emissary (no message read tick), Viber (no message read).
  • – > Reads eradicated messages by the sender
  • – > Saves summary of messages for scrutinizing it at whatever point, and identifier for new messages.

Media Auto download should be on for that application)

  • – > App keen social occasion of visits.
  • – > Options to enable/incapacitate visits for required talk applications.
  • – > Fluent UI and material structure.
  • – > No need of any hack like slaughtering web affiliation.
  • – > Localization support for noteworthy tongues.

Along these lines, directly value examining this messages early and find prepared for the solution. The application gives you an interface, for the summary of messages for each discussion.

Discreetly read all the messages and be set up for the conditions. Nobody will truly know, when you read the messages.

So here is what you can do, just read your messages from the vague peruser, and when you are set up to reply, go to that visit application. No blue ticks, no read receipts, no last watched, no read status.

Stay concealed, stay senseless 😉


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