Battle Royale 3D – Warrior63

Be the sole survivor!

To contend with different players, to develop yourself in fight. From the outset, after airdrop landing, you don’t have anything, must utilize the landscape advantage, structures, vehicles to crush rivals! What’s more, time pass in a flash, inside around 15 minutes, look for weapons and assets, rapidly arm yourself, get away from the Poison Circle and maintain a strategic distance from the assault from your adversaries. Locate the opportunity to crush them, endurance at long last, be the ruler of the Battle!

Key Features

  1. 1. Super fight map in 4km x 4km; land, ocean, moutains, numerous territory bring all the more fascinating and suprise.
  2. 2. New vehicles and vessels driving framework, more mix for battling activity.
  3. 3. An assortment of weapons, Pistol, Rifles, Submachine firearms, Sniper weapons, Grenades and considerably increasingly, for you~
  4. 4. New weapon control framework, shooting presently be increasingly smooth and dependability.
  5. 5. what’s more, even more~

How about we play, feel the energizing of the Survival Battle!


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