Calculator Lock – Lock Video & Hide Photo

Number cruncher vault is an incredible security insurance application to effectively cover up photographs and recordings you don’t need others to see on your Android gadget.

Cover up photographs and recordings – number cruncher vault keep your photographs/recordings sheltered and private with photograph and video storage.

Cover up photographs and recordings application with the adding machine application symbol and guard your security. You can import your private pictures, recordings, sound and documents into this protected vault and nobody realizes its reality with the exception of you.

In addition, cover up photographs and recordings are flawlessly structured, it gives you the image exhibition vault a smooth and awesome experience.

Extraordinary highlights:

  • • Hide pictures and conceal recordings without any problem
  • • Hide video and photograph with the number cruncher symbol.
  • • Beautiful, smooth and benevolent client experience
  • • The application security framework is very secure, utilizing the secret word you made to get to the application
  • • Video vault, photograph cover up, display vault and bring incredible experience for clients

🎭Icon Disguise: most secure private display

  • – Calculator video lock, number cruncher photograph vault, nobody realizes its reality with the exception of you
  • – photograph and video lock in close to home exhibition must be seen with right numeric PIN you set for private mini-computer display vault
  • – Offer all the customary and logical number cruncher capacities to make ideal camouflage for secure display vault picture/video lock.

📷Hide photographs, shroud pictures

  • – shroud pictures to our concealed photograph vault from framework exhibition
  • – Browse covered up photographs in safe spot
  • – Support different arrangements picture: jpg, png, gif and the sky is the limit from there

🎥Video Lock and Media Vault

  • – Keep others away from your private recordings, films in safe video vault
  • – No compelling reason to stress that somebody filter your private media while giving your telephone
  • – Unlimited import documents

– – FAQ – –

How to open?

Enter your secret word and press ‘=’ catch to open.

What would i be able to do on the off chance that I overlooked my secret word?

On the off chance that you overlook your secret key, essentially enter a number ‘11223344’ into Calculator and press ‘=’ button, at that point recover your secret phrase by entering answer of your security question.

How to reestablish encoded record?

Long push on the encoded record will enter the alter mode, you can reestablish it by utilizing the reestablish button.

Are my concealed records put away on the web?

Your documents are put away just on your gadget, so please try to reinforcement all your shrouded records before moving to new gadget or plant reset.

Change secret word?

It would be ideal if you go to the application menu to change the open secret word.


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