Appscope, one of the main indexes for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Here you can discover several online applications that are perfect with all gadgets.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Dynamic Web Apps (PWAs) are the eventual fate of applications. Progressions in internet browser advancements have made it conceivable to make online applications that copy and offer a similar usefulness as local (conventional) applications. This implies applications would now be able to be made simply as sites, and that engineers no longer need designer licenses to disseminate them.

Much the same as an expanding number of work area based applications these days offer their usefulness on the web, portable applications are going to move to the program also.

How would I introduce PWAs?

Despite the fact that not required, you may spare PWAs to your home screen to make them progressively available.


Numerous PWAs will naturally provoke an introduce button when you visit the application in the internet browser. If not, tap the catch close to the location field and select “Add to Home screen” in the rundown of alternatives that shows up.


While utilizing a PWA in Safari, tap the catch in the program. Parchment directly among the alternatives that show up and select “Add to Home Screen”.

How are PWAs better than conventional applications?

There are numerous reasons why PWAs are better than customary applications. Here are a portion of their most encouraging focal points.

Cross-stage similarity

Dissimilar to local applications that should be produced for either work area, iOS, or Android, PWAs are perfect with each of the three! This implies as a designer, you just need to create one application to arrive at clients on all stages.

Less complex turn of events

Making a PWA is similarly as simple as making a site. PWAs are made with HTML5 and Javascript, and don’t require specialty programming dialects like Swift.

Application Store freedom

As program based applications, PWAs are not dependent upon the administration of the conventional application stores. This implies updates can be made right away, without the anticipating the endorsement of a survey group. So also, no engineer permit is required and designers keep the entirety of their profit (evading the 30% exchange expense that is constrained upon local applications.)

Internet searcher cordial

In contrast to local applications, PWAs are discoverable and recorded via web crawlers, making them simpler to be found by new clients.

How would I present a PWA to Appscope?

We are continually searching for new applications to add to our registry. On the off chance that you are aware of an extraordinary Progressive Web App, utilize this structure to tell us about it.

How would I get in touch with you?

In the event that you have any inquiries or recommendations, if you don’t mind give us an email at For press requests, see our press page.


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