Hustle Castle: Medieval games in the kingdom

Become the ruler and ace of a genuine medieval manor! Acknowledge new subjects, dole out them to their obligations, prepare and secure your people! Resist your adversaries and laws of material science as you fabricate and redesign your fortification!

Your chubby warriors look incredible in their sparkling protection! Support and train your soldiers, and they’ll pound the armed forces of Grav the Mighty Brainpan, set the Abyss Lord back in his proper place, and furthermore torch two or three adversaries’ mansions!

Throughout the day your copyists scratch their heads with plumes, treasurers spill coins on the floor and metal forgers drop blacksmith’s irons on their feet for your flourishing! Get ready genuine pros, become well off and compelling! Assemble a dating room and watch your subjects have kids who’ll before long grow up and serve you as well!

Expect order, my master! Here are a portion of the open doors you get in the game:

  • – Story-driven crusade. In several missions your legends battle orcs, monsters, skeletons and even winged serpents! Fight enchantment, cold steel and sly technique – the end legitimizes the methods!
  • – Castle development. Fabricate new spaces for your fortress and redesign the current ones. You have all you have to make a fantasy château! Start the development now!
  • – Developing the residents. Every one of your subjects can learn new aptitudes and wear any gear. Train extraordinary warriors and copyists… and afterward trade them with one another!
  • – Multiplayer. Get medieval! Consume and loot the mansion of somebody you don’t care for… And you don’t care for every one of them, isn’t that so?


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