Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

Download Keepsafe to join in excess of 50 million people who have depended more than a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most notable Photo Vault and assortment stockpiling application on Android.

Keepsafe ensures about near and dear photos and chronicles by protecting them with PIN confirmation, one of a kind finger impression check, and military-grade encryption. It’s the best spot for hiding singular pictures and chronicles. With Keepsafe, you can guarantee your assurance, secure your photos, and extra phone space.

Keepsafe lets you:

  • 🌟 Preserve exceptional memories
  • 🖼 Store family photos
  • 💳 Protect copies of your driver’s license, ID cards, and Mastercards
  • 📎 Organize noteworthy reports
  • 🔒 PIN guarantee your Photo Gallery

Basically look through your phone’s photo display and tap photos or accounts to bring into your Keepsafe Photo Vault. At the point when imported, you can choose to conveniently eradicate those photos from your phone’s open photo show while still view them in your Keepsafe Photo Vault.

Keepsafe Photo Locker Features:

  • • Everything behind a lock – Your photos are ensured about by methods for a PIN, plan or your extraordinary imprint.
  • • Sync photos or accounts across contraptions – Your mixed Private Cloud securely alters your photos, assortments and chronicles over the aggregate of your devices.
  • • Backup photos and accounts for basic recovery – Fear not if your phone is lost, taken or hurt!
  • • Face-down auto lock – In a troublesome spot? Have Keepsafe lock itself when your contraption faces slipping.
  • • Safe Send photo sharing – Share private photos with sureness: control how much the recipient sees your photo – photos disappear 20 seconds after they are gotten.
  • • Shared Albums – Create and offer a private assortment with your adored one.
  • • Keepsafe moreover doesn’t show up in your starting late used applications list!

Acquaint Keepsafe Basic with get free secure Private Cloud accumulating and besides get a free test drive of Keepsafe Premium!

Keepsafe Premium Exclusive Features:

  • • Album Lock: Assign particular PIN codes to get to explicit assortments
  • • Break-In Alerts: Takes photos of gatecrashers and tracks break-in attempts
  • • Fake Pin: Creates an impersonation Keepsafe with an alternate PIN code

Supervise Photos

  • • Private Cloud: Stores up to 10,000 things in Keepsafe
  • • Space Saver: Compresses photos and saves firsts to the Cloud
  • • Trash Recovery: Retrieves photos you’ve wrongly deleted

Tweak Keepsafe

  • • Ad-Free: Keeps your photo seeing experience interference free
  • • Custom Album Covers: Sets assortment thumbnails to a specific picture

🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡

Keepsafe urges you to make sure about your own huge data. We revolve around making simple to use, secure applications and organizations that improve your propelled life.

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