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ShellShock Scanner – by Zimperium

As of late another defenselessness was found called “Shellshock,” that objectives BASH, a mainstream programming broadly used to control the order brief on numerous *nix PCs. Shellshock can possibly unleash devastation on sites, web servers, PCs, switches and more since it empowers programmers to deal with a contaminated machine, which is awful news for buyers and undertakings all over the place. With this force affected associations can experience the ill effects of site assaults, organize shutdowns, lost information – also lost clients and the expense of operational personal time spent fixing such a helplessness.

Is my Android cell phone defenseless against ShellShock?

On the off chance that you need to see whether your Android gadget is powerless, look at the Zimperium Shellshock Vulnerability Scanner. This application will decide whether your cell phone is running helpless variant of BASH or applications that incorporates BASH process, which uncovered your cell phone to the ShellShock weakness.

There are two highlights of this application:

  1. 1) Shellshock Device Vulnerability Scanner: Determines if the gadget is running BASH.
  2. 2) Shellshock App Vulnerability Scanner: Determines in the event that you have any versatile applications on your gadget that incorporate BASH process.

About Zimperium:

Zimperium is the pioneer in cutting edge versatile danger safeguard. The Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense Suite conveys venture class insurance for Android and iOS gadgets against the up and coming age of cutting edge portable dangers. Created for cell phones, Zimperium utilizes licensed, conduct put together investigation that sit with respect to the gadget to secure cell phones against system and host-based dangers any place business takes them. For more data on Zimperium please go to


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