Battle Royal

Welcome to the spic and span GIANT.IO field, where you can encounter a definitive fight imperial epicness in a hurry. Attempt to make due on this insane fight field. Pick with your parachute the beginning stage and be THE LAST MAN WHO STAYED ALIVE. Drive vehicles to investigate the immense guide, stow away in channels or construct a safe house to trap the oponents. Each execute give you a unique lift whitch makes you a GIANT to administer the combat zone. 

*Play Online with up-to 30 players in an immense fight imperial field or Offline againts our propelled bots.

*Sharp your structure aptitudes in the Building Mode to make yourself new epic strategies.

*With our FULLY UPGRADED Battle Royale souce you turned into a GIANT brute and your capability is get support too temporarily.

【Game Feature】

✪ Building framework

✪ Battle Royale game mode
✪ Multiplayer mode
✪ Single Player mode
✪ 16 kinds of weapons
✪ Georgeus designs
✪ Advanced AI System
✪ Growing Potion
✪ Destructable Trees
✪ Driveable Vehicles
✪ Epic Hero Skins
✪ Massive guide size

Train yourself on five unique modes: Player versus AI, Battle Royale, Infinity Battle, Building, Multiplayer

Battle againts up to 30 adversaries simultaneously.


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