DNS66 APK for Android

DNS66 is an application that fundamentally lets you empower an advertisement blocker on your Android cell phone or tablet. Try not to let its appearance fool you however, the application is in reality much less complex than it might appear from the start. The application builds up a VPN administration with various courses for all the DNS workers. When you do this, the VPN administration captures all the bundles remembered for the boycott. 


In the arrangement choices, you can pick the workers you need to square or permit, just as the applications that you need to empower the DNS66 highlights for. You can likewise include custom DNS workers or invigorate the workers every day.

DNS66 is a truly fascinating advertisement blocker that, while it might seem hard to utilize, it’s truly not. In actuality, everything necessary is a couple of taps of the screen to empower the promotion blocker and begin perusing easily without seeing any advertisements whatsoever.


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