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Word structures: third individual particular current state buys in , present participle buying in , past tense, past participle bought in

  • 1. Action word
  • In the event that you buy in to a sentiment or conviction, you are one of various individuals who have this conclusion or conviction.
  • I’ve actually never bought in to the view that either sex is better than the other. [VERB + to]
  • 2. Action word
  • In the event that you buy in to a help, particularly on the web, you consent to consistently get it or get data from it.
  • [computing]
  • Watchers must buy in to a broadband assistance for £17.99 every month. [VERB + to]
  • Snap here to buy in. [VERB]
  • 3. Action word
  • In the event that you buy in to a magazine or a paper, you pay to get duplicates of it normally.
  • I buy in to New Scientist to stay up to date with propels in science. [VERB + to]
  • 4. Action word
  • In the event that you buy in to a foundation or a mission, you send cash to it consistently.
  • I buy in to a couple of most loved foundations.
  • 5. Action word

On the off chance that you buy in for shares in an organization, you apply to purchase partakes in that organization.


Workers bought in for definitely a larger number of offers than were accessible. [VERB + for]

[Also VERB noun]

buy in

in British English

(səbˈskraɪb )

Action word

  • 1. (normally foll by to)
  • to pay or guarantee to pay (a whole of cash) as a commitment (to a store or noble cause, for a magazine, and so forth), esp at ordinary spans
  • 2. to record or sign (one’s name, and so forth) toward the finish of an agreement, will, or other archive
  • 3. (intransitive; foll by to)
  • to give backing or endorsement
  • to buy in to the hypothesis of change
  • 4. (intransitive; foll by to)
  • to consent to get data posted at a specific area on the web
  • to buy in to an online cookery channel
  • Thing
  • 5. a demonstration or occasion of buying in, esp to an online assistance

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

Inferred structures

endorser (subˈscriber) NOUN

Word cause

C15: from Latin subscrībere to compose underneath, from sub-+ scrībere to compose

in American English

(səbˈskraɪb )

Action word TRANSITIVE

Word structures: subˈscribed or subˈscribing

  • 1. to sign (one’s name) toward the finish of a record, and so forth.
  • 2. to think of one’s mark on (an archive, and so forth.) as a sign of assent, endorsement, validation, and so on.
  • 3. to help; agree to; favor; endorse
  • 4. to vow to contribute (an entirety of cash), esp. by marking a vow
  • Action word INTRANSITIVE
  • 5. to sign one’s name toward the finish of a report, and so on.
  • 6. to give backing, assent, or endorsement; assent or consent (to)
  • to buy in to specific measures
  • 7. to vow to contribute, or to give, a whole of cash
  • 8. to enlist or be enrolled to pay for and get a periodical, administration, theater tickets, and so on for a predetermined timeframe (with to)

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, fourth Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights saved.

Inferred structures

endorser (subˈscriber) NOUN

ME subscriben < L subscribere: see sub-and recorder

These models have been naturally chosen and may contain touchy substance. Understand more…

I took a seat at my PC and signed on to one of a few information bases that we buy in to.

Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002)

The Kariens didn’t buy in to the Fardohnyan idea of magnificence first, value second.

Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2002)

It is – hard to buy in to the habits of a different universe when you don’t have the foggiest idea what they are.


We can buy in to perpetually customized papers, magazines, satellite stations, dress inventories.

Alex Shakar THE SAVAGE GIRL (2002)

English: buy in action word

In the event that you buy in to a feeling or conviction, you are one of various individuals who have this assessment or conviction. 


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