CrossFire: Legends


The depiction of CrossFire: Legends

The versatile rendition of THE best FPS game on earth, CrossFire: Legends holds the general stylish of its PC ancestor, presently with new usefulness and highlights that promise you a similar smooth, irresistible gaming experience on cell phones. A large number of players everywhere on over the world would now be able to remember the energizing activity they had on PC—on versatile! You need serious ongoing interaction? We have it! Crazy designs? We have those, as well! And all that with a similar exemplary freak and PvP modes players have come to adore, consistently remolded and improved to guarantee players hold returning for additional! Need significantly more? At that point look at the all-new fight royale mode, selective to the versatile rendition! With goofy and exciting sub-modes and things by the dozen, CrossFire: Legends’ fight royale mode will bring new and old players the same the Crossfire experience they’ve just longed for! 





  • 1. Freak Mode: The darling exemplary from the PC adaptation, presently on worldwide versatile just because! Toward the start of a match, all players are haphazardly separated into two groups—human and freak. People need to utilize their weapons to murder freaks; freaks need to assault and contaminate people. The clash of the species begins now!
  • 2. TDM: Kill the necessary number of adversaries inside as far as possible to dominate the game. Bad-to-the-bone FPS fans, look no further! This straightforward however energizing game mode WILL make your head spin with rage!
  • 3. BR Mode: It’s sole survivor in fight regal mode! Players can decide to join matches in solo, couple, or crew mode, and a match incorporates dropping, getting away from dust storms, searching for provisions, overcoming foes, and battling to be the last man/group standing. More sub-modes, guides, and things included month to month. Presently’s the time—consolidate the fight with your companions and become the legend you’re intended to be!



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