Granny’s house – Multiplayer horror escapes


There is a strange gossip that is spreading around a town that an elderly person lunatic grabs kids around evening time and secures them a surrendered house. The granny is supposed to be more alarming than the Slasher, she is a lot crueler than disasters and terrifying jokesters.

At some point, a valiant young lady named Dorothy is captured and caught in the granny’s home. Would you be able to enable Dorothy to beat the granny and getaway from the startling house without getting captured?

Battle and win against the dreadful granny like the sparkling Geminy (Gemini).

Play the game and experience extraordinary rush! Find the stowaway!

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  • 1. Departure Mode – PvP group coordinate (2 Granny/searcher versus 6 Dorothy/hider)

– Role of Dorothy

Gather 3 concealed clues spread around the house to discover the exit from the insidious house.

Salvage your colleagues secured detainment facilities by the psycho granny and getaway together!

On the off chance that you experience the granny, toss stones at her to make her stoppage.

You win if at any rate one survivor gets away from the house.

– Role of Granny

Search the house completely, get all the children, and lock them in a jail.

Try not to let them out of the prison and departure.

You win on the off chance that you put all the children in the jail or if nobody gets away from the house.

  • 2. Contamination Mode – PvP singular match (2 Granny/searcher and 6 Dorothy/hider) 





In contamination mode you are all alone not with partners.

You are arbitrarily chosen as either Granny or Dorothy.

On the off chance that Granny gets Dorothy, the job will be exchanged – and the other way around.

Fundamental principle is the equivalent, ESCAPE OR CATCH!

  • 3. Story Mode – PVE

You will take one of six jobs (Bomber, Thrower, Trapper, Puppeteer, Beater, Healer)

Pick your class and beat the cursed Granny along with your partners.

Clear the each stage with your friends and dominate the match.

Try not to BE TOO SCARED! 




  • – 6 Different Roles

Aircraft : Set up bombs and assault various Grannies immediately
Hurler : Throw stones and hit the psychos Grannies
Catcher : Set up a snare to back Grannies off
Puppeteer : Form a poisonous region to bargain harm
Mixer : Set up scarecrows to draw Granny’s consideration
Healer : Heal colleagues


  • 1. Stunning endurance frightfulness hiding all over!

– Shattered structure, dreadful sound, and insane crazy people and comedian pursuing you all day dead!
– Everything in the deserted house will make you dreadful!

  • 2. Manufacture your own character

– Customize the character the manner in which you need!

  • 3. No all the more playing alone! Play together! 🙂 Hide and look for!

– Cooperation with colleagues is a basic winning technique!
– Communicate effectively and win!

  • 4. Gain rewards and beat your companion’s score

  • – Gain experience focuses to acquire gigantic rewards and positions!
  • – Test your aptitudes and outperform your companion’s record!




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