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HitFilm Express is a free video altering programming with proficient evaluation VFX apparatuses and all you require to make wonderful substance, movies or gaming recordings. Ideal for learners, film understudies, gamers, YouTubers, or any innovative without a spending plan.

Completely stacked, perpetually free.

You got ability and the drive, so we give you what you need, free video altering programming. Why? Since you shouldn’t need to pay to play. Also, that way, we get the opportunity to be an aspect of your cause story — which is quite great.

Gain admittance to the world’s most remarkable free video altering and VFX programming for Mac or PC.

Join our developing network of 5.6 million producers and substance makers today.

Enter preparing mode

Wanna level up your aptitudes? Masterclass altering and VFX instructional exercises are made for each brand of legend. Make your own 3D shield-using super-officers or dive your crowd into the Wild West with a science fiction turn.

It’s everything up to you. Sign montage music.

Blender To HitFilm

Improve your work with 3D VFX. We’ll tell you the best way to show and surface a freight holder in Blender before adding it reasonably to an activity scene!

HitFilm Express Basics

Gain proficiency with the basics of altering, sound, text and special visualizations in this short HitFilm Express course. You’ll be making staggering recordings in a matter of seconds! 




Ascent of the Dark Side

Prepared to gain proficiency with the methods of the clouded side? Satisfy your fate with Palpatine-style lightning impacts, stepping AT-ST models, titles and all the VFX you require to send Jedi flying.

Game On

Figure out how to record film, fix your sound and make gaudy impacts, advances and titles to make your gaming recordings stand apart on YouTube. It’s go time.


Evade shots, detonate structures and ace each VFX you have to make your own activity short film with no financial plan.


Spare the world with lightning impacts, 3D-model shields and a fly pair of super-boots.

Radiance Jump

Jonathan Jones (Ember Films)

Clone your troopers and make them fly in this entertainment of Godzilla’s HALO Jump scene.

Westworld to Yuma

Ryan Connolly (Film Riot)

Valiant the Western boondocks with exemplary shootout impacts, shotgun impacts and blood vessel splash. 





Jonathan Jones (Ember Films)

Manufacture your own Galactic Empire with officer cloning and figure out how to make a Star Wars-style blaster impact.

Heads Up

Suit up for the fight to come with your own adaptation of the notorious Iron Man heads-up show.

The Force

Let lightning stream from your fingertips or plan a lightsaber to slice through the clouded side.

Entryway Combat

Ryan Connolly (Film Riot)

Make inconceivable science fiction activity groupings with Ryan Connolly and the Film Riot team.


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