Town of Salem – The Coven


The most effective method to Play

The game reaches from 7 to 15 players. These players are arbitrarily isolated into arrangements – Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists and Neutrals. In the event that you are a Town part (the heroes) you should find the Mafia and different lowlifess before they slaughter you. The catch? You don’t have a clue who is a Town part and who is a scoundrel.

On the off chance that you are a malicious job, for example, a Serial Killer, you covertly murder town individuals in the cloak of night and attempt to abstain from getting captured.


Town of Salem has 33 extraordinary jobs guaranteeing an alternate encounter each time you play.

Prior to a game beginnings, players are placed into an entryway where the host can choose what jobs will be in the game. Players are then relegated parts aimlessly from the rundown of picked jobs. Players have an in-game job card that clarifies their job’s capacities and arrangements. For an inside and out gander at the capacities of every job please visit:

Game Phases


The night stage is when most jobs utilize their capacities. For instance, Serial Killers covertly murder individuals, Doctors recuperate individuals who are assaulted, and Sheriffs grill individuals for dubious movement. 





The day stage permits the Town individuals to talk about who they think of being an underhanded job. When the democratic stage begins a lion’s share vote from the town will put somebody being investigated.


The safeguard stage is the point at which you argue your blamelessness to the town. Have a persuading story or end up confronting the scaffold!


During this stage the town will decide on the destiny of the litigant. Players can cast a ballot blameworthy, guiltless or go without. On the off chance that there are more liable votes than guiltless votes the litigant is condemned to death by hanging! 





Players can pick their own guide (town setting), character, pet, hall symbol, demise liveliness, house and a custom name. Different parts in the game will see your determinations.


There are right now more than 200 special accomplishments in the game. Winning accomplishments will concede different in-game things.


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