WAMR – Recover deleted messages & status download


How aggravating it is where your allies delete their messages before you can see them?

The intrigue overwhelms. You just found the game plan: WAMR!

WAMR is the utility you were looking for. With one gadget you can recover texts and besides any media association (pictures, chronicles, voice notes, sound, animated gifs and stickers)!

By and by you can in like manner download Statuses! All with one application!


Messages are mixed on your contraption so WAMR can’t get to them clearly.

The principle plan available is to examine them from the notification that you get and make a message fortification reliant on your notice history.

Exactly when WAMR will recognize that a message as been eradicated, it will rapidly show you an admonition!


WAMR will moreover endeavor to save any media attached to the message and if the sender deletes it, you will get a notification.

The going with media types can be recovered: pictures, accounts, animated gifs, sound, voice notes, 

files, stickers. 





You should realize that it doesn’t exist an authority and maintained way to deal with recover eradicated messages. This is a workaround and may encounter requirements achieved by the picked educating application or even the Android OS:

1) Text messages are recovered by your alerts, hence, if you have put a discussion on quietness, or if you are as of now watching a message on the advising application before it’s eradicated you won’t get a notification so WAMR can’t extra it! This also obviously infers that is hard to recover sees/messages before you downloaded this application (so download it quickly!).

2) If messages aren’t being saved, it may be achieved by Android killing WAMR. You should dispose of WAMR from all battery improvement organizations!

3) WAMR can’t extra reports if they aren’t completely downloaded! So in case you are disengaged or you have a shaky affiliation, or all around if the sender eradicates the message containing a media before the educating application downloads it, WAMR can’t effectively save it.

4) If you aren’t using a WiFi affiliation, some media may not be normally downloaded by your advising application in see regarding your settings. You can change this lead in Messaging application > Settings > Data and limit use and augmentation your chances.

Various obstructions may be achieved by your Android variation, or your structure language (explicitly in case it is with everything taken into account right to-left). Generously don’t stop for a second to contact me and submit me any issue so I can endeavor to fix it!


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