Auto Gangsters


Move up in the pimped out wheels, pack the most over the top stockpile and overcome the criminal hidden world in Auto Gangsters! You can drive any vehicle or shoot any weapon as you investigate the 3D open world. 




The roads of the city are in strife. A battle between all the notable wrongdoing families drives the town to fall to pieces under disrespect, removal, murder and retribution. You show up in the town not long before the pack war and now it’s your occasion to ascend through the positions of the excellent hidden world. Take the vehicles, punch the head bosses and even kill the back up parents while picking up reputation or simply gorge on inexpensive food and comply with each traffic signal – it’s up to you. 




Game Features:

  • – Visually dazzling 3D illustrations, crazy weapons and insane vehicle models
  • – Make your way through many missions in Liberty City, Vegas and San Andreas
  • – A remarkable sentiment of opportunity: do totally anything you need at your own movement
  • – Team up with the most stunning hoodlums from everywhere the world to assume control over the city


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