Frost for Facebook


Welcome to Frost for Facebook!

Ice is a completely utilitarian web covering, with numerous exceptional and local highlights, for example,

  • • True multi client cooperations – More than simply a choice in a settings menu, Frost’s record switcher is directly in the cabinet. You are one tap away from exchanging records, and everything revives on the switch with the goal that you can see different records immediately. Besides, the notice administration will get warnings from all records, and will tell you which record has the new notice.

  • • Better performing various tasks – Frost contains an overlaying internet browser that can be drawn on top of your forefront task. Open connections and warnings with a full screen see, at that point swipe away to return to your past errand.

  • • Contextual mindfulness – Frost coordinates extra highlights by means of long presses. Need to duplicate a square of text or offer a connection? Long press the content. Need to zoom into a picture or download it? Long press the picture!

  • • Material Design – Built for candy and up, Frost centers firmly around a wonderful and practical UI, and grasps material advances and measurements.

  • • Complete topic motor – Frost contains thorough subjects that redo all parts of the application. Ice is additionally the just application to help straightforward subjects.

  • • Fully opened – Nothing represents security more than being publicly released. Ice is glad to be one of those applications, and can be found on github (Link in the application’s about segment)

  • • Fixes the easily overlooked details – Frost is network driven, and numerous changes are added to address minor burdens and give a full local encounter, regardless of being a web application. To list a couple:

  • • Focusing on a content information will forestall invigorating, so you don’t inadvertently swipe and lose your advancement.

  • • Horizontal swipe can be empowered close by the viewpager swipe with a straightforward long press

  • • Automatic bug reports are sent when an accident is distinguished, so regardless of whether you don’t contact the devs, you are contributing by utilizing the application. 





Compulsory consents utilized and why:

  • • Internet, Network State, Wifi State – Frost gets the pages from Facebook’s portable site. It likewise needs the organization state in order to restrict web use when you are on a metered network.

  • • Receive Boot Completed – Frost notices persevere on reboot, and need this consent to be added each time.

  • • Vibrate – Needed to vibrate telephone for notices; this can be flipped in the settings

  • • Billing – For buying genius and opening the entirety of Frost’s highlights

Discretionary consents utilized and why:

(these are possibly mentioned when they must be, and are handicapped up to that point)

  • • Read/compose outer capacity – Needed to transfer photographs in another status and save photographs when incited

  • • Fine/coarse area – Needed for the check in choice if clients wish to look for their area

  • • That’s it! No security interruption and no additional requests.

Consents NOT utilized and why:

  • • Wakelock – Frost exploits Android’s Job Scheduler, and lets the structure choose when to run foundation administrations. Ice in this way doesn’t have to continually run out of sight, nor does it power your telephone to remain wakeful.

  • • Retrieve running applications – Frost has no compelling reason to get to outside applications or see what else is running

  • • Identity – Frost deals with its records inside and utilizes it exclusively to give you admittance to your record. We don’t rely upon other individual data and we don’t save your email.

  • • Camera – While the camera consent can be added to permit you to straightforwardly take photographs and transfer them, we’ve concluded that it is ideal to permit you to do so remotely and afterward share the photograph with Frost

  • * Frost is an outsider application and is not the slightest bit associated with Facebook Inc.*





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