Nmap Termux

What is Nmap?

Nmap is a security scanner, initially composed by Gordon Lyon, utilized as Network Mapper to find has and benefits on a PC organization, in this manner assembling a “map” of the organization. It is additionally used to discover provisos in a site worker. It likewise is utilized to look through hosts in a wifi organization.

What Will I Learn?

The most effective method to introduce Nmap in Android Termux




Open the Termux application and type orders

1: pkg update

2: pkg upgrade -y

3: pkg install curl

4: pkg install nmap

How to utilize?

Type commandnmap Yourweb/IP . Here Youweb is the connection to your web or composes IP of your web. This will begin the Nmap cycle you can check the status by squeezing any key or drop the cycle bt ctrl+c elective volume-down +c.

Appreciate Nmap on the Android

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